Electrify Your Journey with our advanced tire designed specifically for electric vehicle. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, it offers low rolling resistance for optimal energy efficiency and ensure a quite, comfortable ride. Experience exceptional traction and superior comfort with each journey. Welcome to the future, driving with CHAMPIRO ECOTEC EV.

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    Low Rolling Noise
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    Low Noise
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    Fuel Efficiency
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    Water Evacuation
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    Wet Handling
Ukuran Rim 12-12
Aspek Rasio 70-70
Lebar Ban 145-145
Rating Kecepatan S-S
  • New Advance Low RRC Compound
  • Variable Shoulder Pattern Design
  • Multi-angle Pattern Design
  • 3D Edge + Step Down Block Pattern
  • Advanced Design Construction
  • Boosts energy efficiency and shortens braking distances by improving rolling resistance
  • Enhances driving comfort and steering precision while minimizing noise
  • Elevates stability, reduces ground noise, and improves water drainage
  • Prevents hydroplaning, reduces heat build-up, and complements EV
  • Ensure safe, quiet, and vibration-free driving

GT RADIAL - CHAMPIRO ECOTEC EV menawarkan 1 ukuran ban.

Ukuran Ban LI SI ETRTO Standar Rim Lebar Ban (mm) Diameter Keseluruhan (mm) Kedalaman Tapak (mm) Beban Maks(kg)
145/70 R12 69 S 4.5 12 150 509 4.9 325